Join Craig and Kylie as they head to Disney Springs to try out Chicken Guy! – the latest eatery from Guy Fieri and Robert Earl featuring chicken tenders and sandwiches along with milkshakes and more at an affordable price!

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  1. You two do such a great job of describing the flavors. I will always trust ya'll on your take on foods. Another wonderful episode! When you have Craig and Kylie it's hard to go wrong!

  2. Great review! Love these two! They are fun! They give an honest review. Can't wait to try this place!!! And thank heavens not a word about gluten in the whole review!!!! Pete you need to watch these two. Then watch Katrina and Tyler. You can't help but notice the difference. Please help the Disneyland Food reviews. They just stink. Katrina and Tyler need to be replaced by these two or another fun team!

  3. We went there during our vacation last week and we enjoyed ourselves. We were so hot though with the Florida heat.

  4. Thank you for the review. I just got back from WDW a couple days ago. I wasn't able to make it to Chicken Guy. It is great to have this video to see what I missed. And Kylie is adorable! Craig and Kylie seem to be a perfect match!

  5. Craig why wasn´t this week the WDW DIS UNPLUGGED EPISODE 1004? (aren´t they usually on Tuesdays?) Did something happend was the weather a issue? Did Peter haven´t the time? Was there a schedules issue? Love and Like the informative WDW related episodes or wasn´t anything news talk worthy???

  6. Thanks for having people who actually represent 95% of people do a review. Great review!Watching the Disneyland reviews are painful….one who is gluten free and other doesn't like melty cheese? Not helpful….

  7. Nice to see despite all the negative comments by the team on the WDW discussion (07/31) when this was announced, you (Craig) were right to be enthused by this place and were (of course) right on the money.

  8. we ate at chicken guy on monday, the tenders were pretty good, the sauces we had were hopefully not their best because if so, bleh, the shakes were a waste of money, the fries were disappointing…it is a fairly affordable place by disney standards is about the only glowing praise i can give this place…it made us sad that there wasn't more indoor seating, and the umbrellas seen in this video were nowhere to be seen…not to mention people hanging out with no food made for no seating indoors…the sandwiches do look amazing…will definitely be getting a sandwich and fried pickles if there is a next time…

  9. Wasn't gonna watch this video, don't really care.UNTIL it said, Craig AND KYLIE visit Chicken Guy. Kylie? Heck yeah! The two of yall together are always worth watching!

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