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  1. This guy famous…..You know……homeless man discovers the fidget spinner….It's an act but I respect his speech….His name is Matthew Silver

  2. Matthew Silver isn't homeless. He's a genius. He's not crazy either. Totally normal guy. He is acting for effect. So amazing. Love you Matthew!

  3. Here is what I think the meaning of life is

    People might say it's to travel or to try everything but it's none of those it's not the destination it's the journey not the answer the mystery it's the journey the mystery the excitement so the meaning of life is not to just to relax it's to find your own way to enjoy it

  4. This guy isn't homeless but possibly slightly crazy. He was on a TV show with Karl Pilkington. He's more of a improv actor than anything

  5. My moms friend actually knows this guy he is not homeless/or crazy he is a performance artist but he does mean everything he says. So people stop saying he's on drugs, your an idiot.

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