In this episode, the panel answers your questions about cruising from dining to embarkation information and more!

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  1. Sorry, but NO tourist attraction in Europe is closed in August. And that is because of holiday season. Thats when they make their money. Just a short objection from a european.

  2. Jersey week!! Haha although my husband is a teacher in NJ we do not go to Disney because we know it’s super busy.

  3. Not true about finding the cheapest cruise. We use vacations to go. It's a big data base that we filter where we want to go, time, price, etc. We sort by per night and find the cheapest cruise that way.

  4. Motion sickness patches. You place them behind your ear and they last for 3 days. I haven’t used them on a cruise yet, but I’ve used them on trains in India and cars driving through the mountains in India & Costa Rica. And I get motion sickness riding buses and vans, riding Mission Space, and watching some movies or people play video games.

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