First how is everyone? Ok I’m not gay but I do enjoy anal play with my lady! I was wondering how to hit the prostate I wanna get milked but is having a hard time finding the spot any. Any advice would be greatly appreciated TIA

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  1. Say no more, you came to the right people 😂

    The prostate is easy to find, I recommend you first try this with your own finger and then guide your lady to it.

    1. Take a shower and clean your ass.
    2. Lie on your back, get comfortable and relax.
    3. Put lube on your whole finger, better too much than too little.
    4. Gently rub your asshole and slowly apply more pressure until your finger slides in a bit.
    5. Hold it there until you’re used to the feeling.
    6. Move in about 3 cm (a good inch) and put your finger towards your belly button.
    7. Rub the spot there (with a “come here” motion with your finger) and enjoy.

    With dildos or other toys, it also helps to rub them towards the belly button to really hit the spot.

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