Do all gay guys go through a stage of denial? I personally never did, but I wanted to know if this was something that all gay guys have gone through!

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  1. “I watch gay porn, have never been attracted to women, and occasionally stare at guys. I’m still *totally* straight.”

    Apparently, I am not the only gay guy who did this.

  2. Some do yes. I didn’t go through denial, but I go through episodes to where I wish I wasn’t gay and feminine. Mainly because I’m black as well, and I’d rather be one or the other, and I would like friends and a boyfriend. I don’t know.

    I’m just learning to accept myself I guess.

  3. I was never in denial about my attraction to other guys. I knew I was gay as soon as I hit puberty. I was closeted for years because the consequences of me coming out would have been too severe and I may not have lived through them honestly.

    So while I denied my gayness to others, I never denied to myself. The latter is what I think of when someone says “denial”. The former I like to think of more as a necessary defense mechanism.

  4. I didn’t, no.

    While I showed clear signs of same-sex attraction in my youth (ages 7 to 10), I never acknowledged that I was gay even a few years later when I got off to… ahem, yaoi and eventually gay porn.

    I even thought to myself “but, I like guys, not girls” more often than once, sometimes after my unknowing dad would tell me about how I was going to get a wife and kids and yadda yadda.

    It was only when I was 16 and learned that one of my classmates from the sixth grade was gay, that I realized… Oh, I’m gay. As in, a homosexual.

    I never denied it, but I never fully realized it for a long time either, while also still being aware of it.

  5. I came out the day after I figured out I was gay… which was when I was 24. I figured I had wasted so much time not realizing the truth that when I did, I simply wanted to start the life I was meant to live. I also had my first sexual experience the weekend after I came out, so a pretty good week 🙂

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