Are women turned on by the abs? find out and see.


  1. TOTALLY POINTLESS asking a question when there are 2 Women together;
    If you think how individualistic many Women are in taste in clothes and design and yet, " amazingly" whatever the first one says the second one agrees with 99.9% of the time.
    Have a look next time this situation occurs and you will see what I mean…

  2. lmao cliffs:
    ugly girls pretend to not like them
    all girls have to add something in at the end and aren't capable of just saying yes

  3. 1:04 that fat bitch,"we prefer someone that's fit" LOL double standard. But if a guys says that same thing? BOOM all the feminists starts war.

  4. Nearly all of those girls were overweight and ugly, sorry but who cares what these girls think? They don't take care of themselves and want a guy with abs?!

  5. you are on purpose asking fat girls about abs? like the answer would matter, a guy with abs wants a girl that takes care of her body aswell

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