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Hey guys, here’s a new interview video. I hope you enjoy it. Do you all believe these interviews are ‘too much’ or would you like to see more? Some people may view these interviews as a little much. Also, we have the iPhone winner, announcement really soon. If you’d like to support me and my company TWS you can get your natural teeth whitening product here:

Not only will you get a great product but you’ll be helping me put food on the table seeing as advertisers have left YouTube. Thanks for the support. 🙂


  1. I don't think girls love abs as long as your working on your tits they gonna like it like us we love girl tits

    Me: Not Really

  2. See guys girls dont like fat shits so get up and work out NO EXCUSES dont do it for girls but for your health and yourself

  3. fuck stupid mentality screwed kidds to rock that g.h on a daily……real girls actually just like wts theirs ….

  4. 6:35….funny how much a woman's attractiveness increases tenfold when they stop being conceited…take notes women of youtube

  5. I had a six pack and it's literally a huge difference on the looks and compliments you get. With your shirt off of course. Not worth the diet regiment though. Literally couldn't even have a cheat meal. Maybe once a month maybe.

    People are attracted to people with abs because it shows self discipline, determination, and good genes. All things that people look for in pro creation partners. It's human instinct to want to pass on genes and sustain them.

  6. lolol the last girls are renee and elisha herbert…. they are instagram famous models lmao and he didnt even realise

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