Im straight but me and my gay friend shared pictures does this make me gay?


  1. Yes – you are gay now. That’s how it works. You have to throw away all your sports equipment and buy a Lady Gaga album.

  2. I received a dick pic from a straight guy before. He appreciated the attention/interest. He even asked me to send one out of curiosity.

    That was a couple years ago and he has a girlfriend now.

    Everyone gets curious. I think it’s healthy to give it attention and not shove it down.

    Even if you had sex one time with a guy just to experiment it wouldn’t make you gay.

    If you are attracted to men and actively seek out men for sex/dates then you’re gay. Or bi.

    Don’t feel ashamed or different for a simple thing.

  3. No. Sending a gay guy your dick pick doens’t make you gay.

    Wanting to suck his cock does. Wanting to fall in love with him does. Wanting to buy a home together and vacation together and raise kids together does make you gay.

    But no, simply sending him a dick pick doesn’t make you gay. It might make him *think* you might be gay, but it doesn’t make you gay

  4. Straight guys see dicks all the time, ie. Locker rooms, porn. You seem to be protesting the fact that you are straight a lot. It’s ok to look. Only you can answer the question.

  5. I think it does make you gay or interested. I mean showing a gay man your dick means you have an interest and you are not realizing it yet 100%

    You will find your path soon.

  6. Um I wouldn’t say your gay but curious. It all depends on your actions and feelings after that dick showing. You obviously knew your friend was gay, so the idea of him seeing your dick would have definitely satisfied whatever inner attraction he may have for you.

    I think because you know your friend is gay and you willingly showed him your dick, you question yourself and your motives. If you let your friend do anything to you sexually or vice versa, and want more, can’t stop thinking about dick; that sir makes you pretty much gay or bi curious.

    You only experimented, it’s no big deal. Go fuck a girl and get over it. Straight guys see dicks in porn and locker rooms everyday and don’t question if they’re gay. You gave your friend a little show. He’s happy, and you should be flattered by the attention.

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