Hi guys!! I am so happy to see more gay and LGBT representation on YouTube and from the Dolan Twins!!

Honestly seeing more people accept and embrace others is so amazing and important!!

Remember to always love one another no matter your differences. We are all human and all have feelings!

The last time you uploaded you had 331 subscribers and you still have 331 but that doesnt mean you can give up! You gotta keep pushing forward and keep trying to do what you love. It will pay off eventually!!

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  1. This video was hilarious haha, you and your reactions are so funny, I liked and subscribed 🙂 I was also really impressed by the video, it's so beautiful aesthetically + has such a great message! I've recently uploaded an acoustic live cover of Hawaiian Party on my channel (at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydqkmXIPk2k) so feel free to have a listen + let me know what you think and maybe subscribe back! 🙂 xx

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