Welcome to 9 things all Fortnite players HATE!
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There’s a ton of things that make us mad, make us rage, and make us want to throw our PC out the window. Tell me down below what one thing about Fortnite you would change! Thank you Amino for sponsoring this video!

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  1. Love this channel!
    I was getting sick of all the fortnite youtubers, I mean, it's a great game, but nothing was helping me get better.
    I can get to second place, but then I always lose.
    After watching your top ten tricks, and you 1v1 tips, I'm getting way better!
    I now have faith in fortnite youtube 😀

  2. Ive never won a giveaway so please. I hate when people just take my guns in fortnight when I'm in solos and squads

  3. I’ve bought 1 skin, regretted it straight away, the battle pass is great and totally worth it but the skins are not

  4. Another pro tip, always revive before looting after a battle cuz, one time i played squads with my friends and i gave one of them a blue ar, later that game i got downed and they just lootet and i said, can someone revive me but they dident so i got sniped by another team and died cuz they just lootet.

  5. One thing. Salt in fortnite is nothing compared to splatoon’s in my opinion. I mean Splatoon 1. Losing that rank just because of dcs…. oof

  6. When u did the no skin challenge daisymichelle was a YouTube’s and u played with her but i don’t think u put in the clip with her in it

  7. I love your vids they are teach me a lot, even though I'm still bad at fortnite and I started in season two! anyway can I win some vbucks. I'm not sure I need to put my username in but I will just in case, My username is Fridge2330

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