Doug Jones’s Gay Son Is Trending Again

If you were following U.S. politics a couple months ago, the country was holding its breath to find out who would win the Senate seat for Alabama.

Luckily, Democratic candidate Doug Jones ended up winning the position over his homophobic/alleged molester opponent Roy Moore.

Now just recently, Doug Jones was sworn into office in Washington D.C. But who was there to swear in the new Alabama senator? None other than homophobic Vice President Mike Pence.

Luckily, Doug Jones’s openly gay son Carson was also there to celebrate the occasion. Thanks to that, we got to witness a great display of trolling and contempt coming from Carson and directed to Mike Pence.

We mean, just look at that dead-eyed stare and side-eye that Carson Jones is giving Pence.

After that picture was shared by Carson on his Instagram account, several social media users praised the hopeful zoo keeper.

But even more praise came in after Carson shared another piece of the increasingly iconic moment.

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Carson later shared on snapchat that he not only stared down the infamously homophobic Vice President Pence, but that he also openly celebrated his sexuality too.

In his Snapchat story, Carson included a picture of a rainbow flower boutonniere that he swears he was wearing during the moment.

He says that sadly the rainbow flower was blocked by his father’s shoulder in the picture, but he’s not too worried about it because at least Mike Pence saw it.

That said, Mike Pence did not blink or show any reaction to Carson’s trolling. While we will never agree with Pence on politics (or his personality), we have to at least respect his professionalism during that moment.

Of course, our respect for the trolling is just a little bit higher.