Ellen DeGeneres Clapped Back

While GayPopBuzz usually fills you in on gay male news and content, we have to share news about the Trump administration/family and lesbian celebs every now and then.

And the recent news concerning Eric Trump and Ellen DeGeneres works for both.

What happened is that Donald Trump’s son Eric, for some reason, decided to post an attack against Ellen DeGeneres.

More specifically, he tweeted out a picture of three accounts that Twitter said he should follow. The accounts were Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Eric Trump then tried to say that these “Deep State” members were never going to get a follow from him.

If you don’t know, Deep State is Donald Trump’s newest diversion tactic. He and his supporters are saying there’s some secret/not secret gathering of people who are working to undermine Trump.

Possibly, Eric Trump was just implying that Obama and Clinton were the Deep State members and he just didn’t specify that DeGeneres’s account was tagged along in the group. Otherwise, he’s seriously saying Ellen DeGeneres is secretly/not secretly working in politics with the other two.

Many people have pointed out how weird Eric Trump’s tweet was, and many more pointed out the simple reasoning and math behind the follow message.

Then, Ellen DeGeneres shared her own thoughts on the whole situation.

The comedian responded with grace in a video, which you can watch below. She says that she’s too busy to be involved with the Deep State (cause she’s focusing on the gay agenda and her illuminati meetings with Beyoncé).

She also shares that possibly the reason Twitter wants Eric ot follow her is because two of his sisters already do.

Way to go Eric Trump, causing up a (stupid) stir on Twitter. Like father like son, huh?