1. The TV series is called ‘Riverdale’. It says so right there in the title.
2. You can stream it on Netflix or the CW app
3. I’ve used less/fewer hashtags coz some people were annoyed by them
4. This is the Kevin Keller edition, so no Choni scenes. Had to keep the video less than 15min long.
5. I’ve only just realised that Riverdale deliberately avoids real brand names by altering them slightly – Vanity Flair (instead of Vanity Fair), Grind’Em (instead of Grindr), The Five Seasons Hotel (instead of The Four Seasons)… LOL
6. Thank you and hope you have a nice day ?


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  1. Love how Kevin and Moose both coincidentally ordered strawberry milkshakes. How could Midge not see the signs?

  2. Okay so I never watched Riverdal, what even is this show?? Why did it all if a sudden turn into high school musical??

  3. How can someone accept the choice of going into the woods risking yourself simply for pleasure. That is beyond stupid, and I understand the whole situation about having limited options and different societal views put on someone, but It's sad that there's actual people out there in real life that do this. They should definitely learn to value and respect themselves more and not have their mind wrapped around the idea of finding someone or having some sort of fantasy awaiting to become true. That's really unhealthy.

  4. Ugh Betty and Cheryl are why I stopped watching. And Veronica. And that pink one. And pretty much everyone but Kevin

  5. According to what I saw from the Comi-Con video, Kevin and Moose will become a known couple but it will take a while during Season 3 and, remember, Riverdale is being made like a night time soap opera so expect some conflict along the way.

  6. I still want Joavin, but I think moose and kevin is pretty much more likely now. Remember when Joaquin returned to riverdale in season 2? What if moose and kevin are like, sort of together in season 3 now, And Joaquin visits kevin, not knowing he's already sorta in something, maybe they have a makeout scene or whatever, but at the same time he's confused about Moose and Joaquin, and maybe to add to his problem, fangs tries to get with kevin, and we could have like, a super gay love triangle with kevin, Joaquin, Moose, and maybe fangs. What if in season 3 Kevin gets a few episodes with a lot of scenes set on him and his dilemma.

    Anyone wanna see that?

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