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A mountainous farming region in one of China’s poorest provinces feels the drain as young parents migrate to the cities, and those left behind struggle.


  1. The farmers that left are highly skilled to farm their land their skills well be needed to feed Chinese people need to figure out how to pay them more money

  2. Makes me think of my dad who would always tell us kids how he had to walk through miles of freezing snow and rain to go to school in China’s countryside. He fled to Taiwan after WW2 while still an adolescent and eventually was US bound for grad school in the 60’s. He went on to build networks for IBM and then airplanes for Boeing managing a team of 200ish all while battling ill health for the last 40 years. Moral of the story, work harder than a motherhubbard and if you believe than you can achieve -against all odds

  3. There is still hope brimming in their eyes. If you look at homeless people in the US most of them look death inside, like there is almost no hope for them to get out of their shithole because they are living in a shitty society where money rules all and people don't care about each others even if it's their parents or children

  4. This my grandpa place thanks you cause you move out to overseas and get more better life now. I m Indonesian Chinese.

  5. I am from Bangladesh.If compare with China we are nothing. But like this situation in China we are better life living in rural area of Bangladesh. At least people don't live there village to leave there old people alone

  6. 1:37 What the hell. The valley is dead. No trees, no grass.
    What happened to the great green wall ? or was that just a PR scam.
    Help these people and plant some trees.

  7. Feel so sad. Out county failed to take care of these children in rural are, but they still want to be soldier to protect this country.

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