Dave Grohl spots this young guy in the crowd with a ‘Let me play Monkey Wrench’ sign. He calls the guy out and said “can you really play the song motherfucker? Like you swear to god you can play this song? Alright get up here little motherfucker!” Then the clip starts rolling. The kid nailed it. Concrete and Gold tour at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.


  1. It must be a relief to have the greatest moment of your life so early on. Even if it's only down hill from here lol

  2. It's a shame Dave Grohl has to pretend that this "kid" just happens to be from the audience. He brings him up on stage at every concert. Joey, Yayo, Kiss Guy whatever name Dave gives you.

  3. Greenday have to be the kings of this "pulling fans out of the crowd for "possibly" their biggest ever moment." I know Billy Joe and David Grohl will be aware of the impact it will have on their lives… Watch Dave meets Lemmy interview and how awe struck he was and how much of an impact it had to him over his life…

    I wish more in the music industry knew what impacts they could have whilst they are sat on their asses doing nothing but count the cash the fans gave them..

  4. Check that off the bucket list couldn't imagine playing guitar like that let alone with a rock legend like Dave grohls guitar n the foo fighters

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