If you’re a regular reader here (and you should be!) you likely know that I’m a bit of an artist. I’ve even sold some in the past too. I sometimes make comments about a photo I share on the blog or a model I think it’s particularly hot and suggest I’d love to paint them. So, given that you know this, you’ll likely understand why I wanted to share this shoot featuring handsome hunk Juan De La Torre.

I mainly wanted to share it for comedic effect, I have to admit.

I love painting, but not this much. I don’t know what he’s up to, but is seems as though he’s getting real into his work for this shoot 🙂

Marco Ovando is the photographer, and while I love his work and of course I love this model too, the entire theme for this one just made me chuckle a little. The dramatically sexy poses just gave me a smirk that I’m still trying to quell.

There are some sexy scenarios and environments, like locker rooms, the gym, a bedroom, the shower… then there are those shoots where you just think something is a little… off.

I guess I’m looking at this the wrong way, it’s just a theme after all, the focus should be on Juan De La Torre himself, and it is for the most part, I just thought it was a little funny is all.

Enjoy him, he’s very sexy, even if it is a little strange.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. What’s the sexiest theme for a shoot you can imagine?

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