My Thai girlfriend Nicky has always wanted to visit Bali, so we did! Join us on our first day there – more videos to come!


  1. She is overly obsessed with flicking her hair and her looks, very typical of Thai women. Be very cautious if you want to be with her for the long-term. Just sayin.

  2. Bro, we can see why you brought her… you have a banging companion so that you can BOOM BOOM on your trip. What you don't know if that she is under a lot of pressure from her parents to get married. So once you slip up with your seed, and it lands in the pot of plenty, be ready to accept and greet your wife. That's how it goes. Everything is nice for the moment, but Thai and Asian girls really have an agenda and that is to get married ASAP.

  3. wow Asia have high starndards in women….

    a woman like her would be considered some sort of goddess here in western, therefore demanding a goddess treatment

  4. Hate to rain on your parade dude. But your bird has over the top boob job. Mouth is full of metal. She doesn't stop fluffing her hair up. Try going to Vietnam. The woman have natural big tits and are not just after your money. Peace out

  5. Good stuff, this is living! Just don't do something stupid like give her legal control over any portion of your life, you would regret that quickly.

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