I’ve been pretty damn straight all my life. So I know very little about what to think my first gay experience. I personally had a nice time but I have a few questions.

I’m clean on all fronts and I had relations with a guy younger than me (around 21). I think he might have been new to the scene, idk. Anyways, we didn’t explicitly say “are you clean, when did you get tested” etc. I’m not concerned but I kinda want to know if I should be cus we ended up bare-backing and he came in me. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time and just wonder if I need to test myself, just to start routine or what. I think we’ll be seeing each other more too. It was definitely a good time.

Second, after he (kind of) got my virgin asshole loosened I think I was just really tight and he wasn’t hard enough, but in the midst of realizing it wasn’t gonna happen at the moment, he came trying to penetrate. I quickly got on my knees and swallowed what I could and after I did so, I pulled away and a small spurt of blood came out of his urethra. I think amidst all the attempts to get in me he might have torn part of his urethra opening cus I did notice it looked like one with two holes or a bridge of skin at least. Cus after that little bit of blood we made sure he went pee and no blood was in his urine.

After a while we waited for him to calm down and we started to get frisky again and decided to try penetrating. •ᴗ• It worked and holy fuck does that shit feel good. I was NOT planning on bottoming but I do like assplay so figured why not. How can I prepare to take him in the future? It felt good but he was fuckin moving my organs around. He shoved me down into the bed and got a little rough but when I told him to thrust shallower and resisted his push he didn’t try to force me. So I guess that’s good.

This was longer than I thought so I’ll leave it here. If I get tested I need to do so discreetly, idk if that’s a thing or not. Let me know any advice or thoughts!