Hello everyone! Today’s video will be the start of a new series where I will document the journey on the flights that I take on my travels, both local and abroad. This new series will be called Flight Report, with the number at the end indicating the so-called “episode” in the series.

Flight details;

Date – 15/01/2017
Destination – Tribhuvan International Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport
Flight number – TG320
Airlines – Thai Airways
Seat category – Royal Silk (Business) Class
Seat number – 14K
Aircraft – Boeing 777-200

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Enjoy and thank you for watching!



  1. Hey, thats a really nice Video, congrats! We also did some flight-movies in our Travel-Subchannel, but we dont't know how to fix the camera on the windows. How did you do that? Any recommendations for us?

  2. You sure do get around. I still feel uncomfortable traveling on planes since I don't fly that much.

  3. Nice video. If this will be a regular thing, dont be afraid to make them 30+ minutes. I like seeing every little detail

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