Richie Anderson Came Out To His Teammates

A football player and BBC presenter came out to his teammates on tv.

Richie Anderson is the gay athlete in question and he came out to his teammates while filming for BBC’s One Show.

In the program, he talks about being gay in the football world with Paul Elliott, who’s a member of the Football Association (FA) Inclusion Advisory Board.

In addition, he also explored the topic with a gay football manager who manages two teams, one where none of the players are gay and a separate Birmingham team where all the players are gay.

Ultimately, the program is meant to look at all angles of being gay in the football world.

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The show’s host, Richie Anderson, says that he’s been out to friends and family for several years now. That said, he decided to record the moment when he came out to his teammates.

In addition, he said in the program that he didn’t come out sooner, to his teammates or to the general public, because he was scared of being rejected.

“My friends know and my family know, but as soon as I’m on a football pitch, it just feels like a taboo,” says Anderson.

“Why am I and other gay footballers keeping quiet?”

Speaking to his team in the program, Anderson says:

“One of the big issues we’ve looked at [in my One Show film, it’s really close to my heart.

“It’s homophobia in football. And the reason why that means a lot to me is that I’m a gay footballer. I just wanted to be open and honest because with you lot, it’s just been class.”

Again, you can catch the program on BBC One, or you can check out the moment in the video down below.