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  1. Italians have some of the most racist fans. Can’t accept that a black person is good at football? Ignorance

  2. andate a fanculo io se guadagnasi i miliardi come loro andrei anche a pagarli quelli che m insultano

  3. Malditos maldito sea el rasista igual todos somos iguales en este mundo de hipocresía por eso odio este mundo y su hente hipócrita prros malditos!

  4. It is not our choice to be a differend skincolor. Everyone is a human and deserves to life a normal live.

  5. The clip with Balotelli is two different matches, and he is crying because he played bad against Napoli. But regardless say no to racism.

  6. Wow this is so sad, that in such modern times we still deal with racism, Racism to me it's like being worst than an animal. We are all humans we don't ask how to be or what race to be when we are born. Please to the younger generations stop racism, don't let the older generations tell you to hate, break the chain of racism if it runs in your family or know people who are racists, simply ignore them, let them know you are not like them and you are not ok with them being racists. We must end racism, so our future generations can be better than us. NO TO RACISM FROM THE USA.

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