Frankie Grande’s In A Throuple

Open relationships and polyamory are becoming more popular these days. Part of that is thanks to a few celebrities being open about their love lives that fit into those descriptions.

From Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, more and more celebrities are opening up their relationships and their mouths about said relationships.

Now a (sorta/kinda/reality) star is sharing that he’s in an open/polyamorous relationship too.

Let’s face it, Frankie Grande isn’t a big celebrity by any standards. His biggest claim to fame is his sister Ariana Grande. But, he did make a name for himself by playing well in one season of Big Brother (though, he definitely used the fact that he’s Ariana’s brother to get on the show and to stay on it).

That aside, he does have a devoted following and those watchful eyes on him helped to create a spotlight for polyamorous relationships.

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Recently, Grande has been posting to Instagram photos of himself and two men. And the internet has now realized that he’s dating both of them.

According to US Weekly, Frankie is dating Daniel and Mike, two men that he met at Bette Midler’s Halloween party. While those two were originally dating, Frankie Grande found his way into the open relationship and they’ve now become a throuple.

“These are my boyfriends, Opens a New Window.[We’ve been dating for] almost three months, but in the gay world, it’s like five years,” Grande told US Weekly.

When asked about the best quality of one of his new boyfriends, Grande responded none-specifically, “His dick” and that “he’s” also “very smart.”

We’d like to see this big brain up close in personal. And we might as well question the whole lot of them.

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