If one more person asks how Jason Collins is going to deal with the locker room now that he’s openly gay, I’m going to die inside. Follow Davey on Instagram: OfficialDaveyWavey – Follow Eric on Instagram: Ericcommando

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  1. Sorry but no. It is uncomfortable being next to a gay guy in locker room regardless of their intention. Just as uncomfortable would be a woman being next to a men in girls locker room

  2. Umm… i'm a straight girl and I could easily be in guys locker room when they change… it might be awkward (and a turn on) but it's not like when we see men/women (which ever we are attracted to) that we are gonna jump and rape each one of them… come on! men might be kinda turned on if they go to girls locker room but I'm pretty sure not each and every one of those girls turn them on and surely a normal man will not rape all girls in there, so why would a gay man in a male locker room be attracted to every man and rape them? they might linger their look on your man hood but I wouldn't mind really if a lesbian would check me out as long as they keep their hands away ;D (this comment might be this way because of the culture I have been raised in… in Finland we have like sauna's for both men and women to go in together and stuff soooo…)

  3. i want about 20% of the guys i see at the gym if not more so maybe you're just going to the wrong gym :S

  4. Basically, thinking that a gay man wants to rape you because you're a man is admitting that you (and straight men in general) usually want to rape any women around.

  5. I cant focus on what you are saying because you seem to be hypnotizing that guy he is so into you it is like a kid at the circus and you are the main attraction

  6. Ever taken a shower or used a communal dressing room in a gym?

    Congratulations, you have undressed in front of gay men.

    Did they leer at you or rape you?

    That's right NO, now stop fretting.

  7. As usual, Davey brings up a good point: I wish we could get to the point where a man saying that he finds another man attractive is seen as a compliment, rather than an insult.  I know it's supposed to be about "the journey" and not about "the destination", but can we just fast-forward through the journey and get to where I can say I think a guy's hot without fearing that he's gonna beat the shit out of me?  Can we?  Please?  Lol

  8. Fucking stupid question, how is he gonna deal with the locker room after hes come out, literally exactly the same way he did before. It's not as if coming out switches on the bodies gay reactions >.>

  9. Ok omg davey probably goes to the 24 hour fitness gym where most of us "gays" like to hang out lol IM PRETTY SURE ITS MUCH OF A MORE DIFFICULT SITUATION TO BE IN AN ACTUAL SPORTS SPECIFIC LOCKER LIKE FOOTBALL OR BASKETBALL, I do track in school and it's still pretty weird or uncomfortable when in comes to gay slurs in actual athletic locker or AREA

  10. Gareth Thomas, Welsh rugby legend and professional athlete at the time, came out in late 2009.

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