Hope you guys enjoyed this funny ass mess.
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  1. I know im commenting late but in the greek empire men and eomen had sex for children, any "fun" was had between ppl of the same sex… So its hilarious that we have these problems hundreds of years later.

  2. Today's truth;
    1.Every girl/boy wants a gay friend.
    2.Gays are hilarious
    3.Gays are peaceful(which confuses me when ppl say that they harm civilization)
    4.We have more serious problems to discuss on like gun control and global warming, which are actual THREAT to mankind.

  3. Ugh so it was mostly about being pagan, but I hid from my Ex BIL forever that I was, idk, trans, bi, a handful, lol. Anyways, he had the balls to come up to me right before the whole thing came out, and tell me im an abomonation and the only rights I need to have is being killed off…

  4. What I don’t get is if marriage is for children then what about people who are infertile and can’t have kids anyways? Should they not have he right to marry because they can’t naturally have children?

  5. Cute 'lil girl: "If gay's are allowed to get married, will you still love me?" Father: gets down on his knees Of course, hunny. Imma divorce your mom and marry Jerry from down the street, fuCK YoU DEBRa

  6. First of all I am lesbian and while I was watching this vid I was like damn he hot and then I was like damn it's a boy 😂😂you look beautiful though

  7. if marriage is "only for a man and a woman" and to have kids, what about infertile people? can they get married too? bullshit excuses for being a homophobe

  8. why are the parents worried it will be confusing to the schools to teach this…like school teaches important stuff like that
    lol jk jk

  9. My two moms are awesome and have taught me so much. If it were any different I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

  10. I love your makeup X3
    I am straight and Christian, and I don't mind same sex marriage or couples because Love is love. Love as no limit, it has no boundaries, nor does it have laws. Love is love, weather it be same sex or not. I dint understand why people like to blame everything on gays…
    I love gay people, because they are fun and open to talk to! UwU
    Keep up the good work, Everyone

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