We visit the Point Campground in Vittoria Ontario Canada, a men only, clothing optional camp. You can see the rest of our Gay Campground tour on my Gay Travel Video blog at http://staywithfamily.com/blog/2017/05/more-gay-campgrounds-continued

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  1. Heyyyyyyyy I had no idea I have been missing so much of your new videos…. it’s good to see y’all and you got your Drone! I figured from your last video U must have… I’m looking forward to watching all your new videos.

  2. Great video guys ! Very informative and very intriguing ! Beautifully kept grounds of the park , every lot is so nice , neat and tidy. That is the nicest camping ground I've ever seen. And I bet the get together's and festivities of what ever kind are amazing fun to be had ! Haha… have fun , be safe , happy campers to say the least !

  3. I'm confused why this video all of a sudden showed up. Are you guys starting to add old content or are you going to start adding new? I have visited your blog as you suggested in this video but I don't see videos for stop 10 and anything there after.

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