gay friendly trieste winckelmann miramare “monumento ai caduti”


  1. aha yu're right! The movement homosexual in fact its contre heterosexualite and its full of proud, narcisim, hypocrisie so where its minority persecuted????!!!!

  2. @giorgia1942 Thanks:so Facist era.And to ' gay-friendly' Wincklemann the German (gay) ar -historian was surely the victim of a gay-bashing murder here?

  3. @speedoric
    Yes, it's monument to the fallen of WWI in a typical fascist style which you can see for instance in large scale at the "stadio dei marmi" in rome, an orgy of asses & muscles.
    Nothing to do with gay, it's only typical fascist exaggeration on male-power.

  4. @Hugh7777 It' s very sad…….. peace, peace and peace, but not for gay people !! You cannot talk about homosexuality in Italy, it' s still taboo !
    P.S. what does it means WTF ?

  5. @doodoohead39 Not a shame, a bloody good show they don't exist. I can't think of anything worse than a Universe like frogshair's – dominated by an omnipotent eternal Kim Il Sung.

  6. @frogshair2 Tom Paine said "Scorn bribe of Heaven or threat of Hell" and scorn is all your threats deserve.

  7. @puntano85 Ah yes, Morton's Fork: If animals do it, it's "animal". If animals don't do it, it's "unnatural". Gay folk can't win. And yes, I am an animal, and so are you. Humans are members of the animal kingdom. You are just too confused about the meaning of the word "normal" to sort you out here.

  8. @fodxp 1. Swan Lake is a ballet, not a play. 2. Black Swan is about that ballet, which is why it uses that music. 3. Antal Dorati died in 1988. 4. The music in Black Swan was conducted by Matt Dunkley.

  9. @brazyfreak Proud rather than ashamed. If you'd spent the first half of your life with it being quite literally the love that dare not speak its name (illegal to act on it, and a threat to employment if you were caught), you'd see the need of adequate pride (not arrogance) in that aspect of yourself.

  10. @alpigiano24 In northern Italy in 2004 I saw Rainbow Flags EVERYWHERE. I thought WTF! until I read PACE and realised they were against the Gulf war.

  11. @alpigiano24 Your right my friend, the situation is bad all over. Here in the USA, people use religion to hurt & kill gay people. I dont understand this violence, since gay people do not hurt others by loving one another. So much ignorance in this world, it is very sad. We need more education & less religion to fight this violence. Scientists have already proven being gay is natural & even exists in the animal kingdom, so this must be taught. Your English is very good by the way. =)

  12. @Nightbird I' m italian, but I think that the situation in other european countries is as bad as in Italy for gay people, although same-sex marriage or same-sex civil patrnership have been approved almost everywhere.
    But I' m sure that common people in all european countries and in U.S.A. are as homophobic as italians ( excuse me if my english is not perfect ).
    What about for example american Midwest or South States ?

  13. I don't understand what is the reason because there are 219 people who don't like this amazing vid. The perfection of bodies, perfectly studying. Gay or not, is not important. By the other side, Nightbird you have totally right.

  14. Trieste was under Austria-Hungary until 1918, so the 'Monument to the Fallen ('Caduti?) is to which war? Is it Italian Facist era?

  15. @Nightbird Hey Miss America have a look at Gay Men. Hot Men Mama Beach Torre del lago summer of 2009. Wake up America!

  16. @Nightbird Ha Ha Ha pissed off are we deary! Look you made your point and I agree to disagree end of story Ta Ta Love.

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