I called a sex worker as a gay guy asking if she could help me explore some weird fetishes of mine, check out what kind of nonsense I tried asking her to do ;D Subscribe to catch my future videos!

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  1. Honestly sprinkling Parmigian cheese on top of a turd really makes a World of difference. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it. A friend of mine also loves mixing it with “Red Hot” chili sauce. It all comes down to your skin sensitivity as too much hot sauce can fuck with the PH and actually give you 2nd degree burns.

    Remember kids: safety first!

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  2. When she said that she would be "totally down" to take a shit on him I was expecting chris to starting singing "I've been waiting, for, a girl like to you, to take a shit on me"

  3. So racist like all the other crap you sell. Just kidding but you liberals live for the word racist. Here RACIST

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