Is it just a preference? Or is it racism?
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  1. I would like a guy that’s muscular, has a BUNCH of visible tattoos, short black hair, defined jawline, and nice facial hair. But I’ll never write on a dating app “NO skinny guys,” or “NO this/that.” That’s just mean and most likely, the people you ARE into, aren’t gonna date you cuz of it. ♥️

  2. On gay dating sites that is common but I am quite surprised like I'm Asian but I got white men following me on Instagram.

  3. Is it really racism? I’m not everyone’s cup of tea look wise. Some people like pasty pale and some like dark. Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.

  4. why covers their face? These people have balls to be racists and hate people who they don't know, and you cover their face? Yes everyone has their preference, but keep it private and no need to put it in public and hurt other people who they don't know. You cover their face = supporting them indirectly. Think about that.

  5. I get that racism is wrong. But why can't it be just a preference. I mean if it is wrong, then why is there no complaint discriminating by age? By weight? Funny how things are picked and chosen in the gay community

  6. This can't be true. Gay people are never racist, intolerant or judgemental.
    I know this because on TV and Social Media I hear them talking about how
    Inclusive and 'Love to all' they are.

  7. What's the difference between some people preferring whites or Asians or blacks and people preferring big dicks, muscular bodies, tall, etc. like these guys stated they liked? They are all preferences for superficial physiological characteristics. What I see are a bunch of superficial dudes complaining because someone said they didn't prefer their looks. AND I guarantee none of these guys have dated any short, chubby, bald, poor dudes regardless of whether the guy had an awesome personality and kind heart. So does that make them fat shaming, short shaming, class shaming, bald shaming bigots?

  8. Davey so WTF is with your generation — has it come to the point where no one can have preferences without being judged ? Just because I dont want to go to bed with a black guy or an asian or because you want to go to bed with anyone with a dick doesnt mean you are a bad person – it means you have. preferences ( presuming you do – after you came up with THIS video I wonder if you dont have a socialistic sense of reality ! )

  9. Racism is absolutely natural. White People take first place followed by Asians then whoever is the third most racist people on the planet.

  10. Well, as a black person , I have more white guys hitting on me, but I haven’t tried any of them, cause I’m used to my BBC boys .

  11. Gay men have a sharp sense of humor and are intensely shallow. That is literally their appeal, lol. We honestly need some gay style shitlording in the straight community to literally straighten us out, lol.

  12. Yes some of the profiles were written in an offensive way, No saying you're not into a certain race in terms of dating or sex is TOTALLY OK. Would it be sexist that a gay man is not into women? Of course not. Having preferences does not make someone racist. It's when somebody has hatred and malice towards someone because of their race that makes a person racist.

  13. Whats the issue? Its a preference. Gay people have a preference when they exclude a whole group of people (women). If they didnt like my race or type of body Id have no problem either

  14. "And Asians, prease reave me arone"

    Me: you might as well get a Asian gf she can help you with your grammar

  15. There’s nothing wrong with having a preference, but preference should not be towards a whole race, that’s really just being close minded to say that a whole race is less then, or that they don’t have certain traits that you like. Black, Asian, or Hispanic people have many different traits, and come in many different shades and sizes.

  16. Oriental (I think) has become a slur for Asian people as Obama’s signed a bill to remove the term. Oriental is just for rugs tho 😂 so… asian people are not rugs

  17. As a pansexual black woman I don't see a problem with having a preference for a certain race but I do think it's wrong to be racist and rude about it .

  18. Love this video so much! Recently deleted Grindr because it was either dick pics or some one starting a conversation and then not replying… I just give up… Gay dating apps don't just steal your interest in dating apps, they steal your soul too. I will just die alone and be eaten by my cats, thanks.

  19. But it's not racist though. It's a preference. Me personally I find all races attractive and wouldn't have a preference. But I get people that do. If you aren't attracted you aren't attracted it's that simple. I don't like big guys, you don't black guys. It just doesn't do it for you. Fair enough.

  20. Theres a huge difference them prefering one thing, and being racist. I PREFER Arab men. Yet I'm not gonna just hate on everyone else. I dated primarily Arab men and had no interest in white guys. A white guy happened to catch my attention on Tinder and now we have been happily together for 2+ years and have made a life and family. Do I still prefer Arab men? Yup. I just didn't end up with one and that's okay. That's the difference then a preference and being racist.

  21. The majority of gay boys are democrats. So much for inclusion and tolerance. Yet another prime example of liberal hypocrisy.

  22. I think most of the shown profiles clearly show racism by putting people of other ethnicities below; that's not okay.

    But I disagree with their statement to preference: I personally am not attracted to African, Oceanic and Native American people – not because of the skin colour but because the size of the nose, lips and head sometimes is not appealing to me. Of course, not everyone of these ethnicities have these features but a majority has which is why I am generally not interested in dating but perhaps in a friendship. The difference is that I accept a Afro-American guy equally to a white guy as a human being; it is just that e.g. big lips are as unattractive to me as a small penis for the guy from Detroit in the video.

    → So no, it is not racism if you are attracted to people having certain physical features which often are bound to ethnicity. It would be racism if you write on your profile how awful you treat people just because of their roots.

  23. So guys I gotta ask, and please go easy on me cause I'm trying to learn. I'm am blond 23 and white and I'm really into black guys but I had a guy the other day claim I'm racist because I said I'm very submissive to black guys. I honestly don't understand how I am being racist. Like I'm not excluding you cause ur black and I'm not persecuting you cause I'm into black men but idk I don't feel like I'm being racist, to me I grew up blind to colors I was friends with white guys black guys Asian guys middle eastern guys didn't matter if you liked what I like I hung out with you. Now I'm older and smarter and I view race like this… WE ARE ALL HUMAN let it sink in we are all human we should be treated with equal rights not based on skin or nationality but based on our species of being human cause humans like everything else on this earth are a creature that said. Every creature has different traits that make them unique so race is simply a subspecies of humans just like look at lizards a green tree lizard looks way different than a bearded dragon lizard in the dessert… they both lizards but both have different traits. That's what I mean by a sub species of humans each race has traits that make them unique but in the end we are all human. Now I admit I've been a hoe I've topped and bottomed for whites, Asians, Latinos, Indians, middle easterners, and black guys. And I notice a general traits about each and not all are true but it's a good baseline to go on now I'm a size queen as a bottom the bigger the more dominant the better I've noticed black men have more traits I like usually fit or muscular, dominant, and hung, yet also caring enough to be hung and most of the time just ram it in there that being said when I wanna bottom I go for black guys. Now I don't dismiss other guys because of their skin tone when I bottom. If you Asian and hung and muscular I'll gladly let you pound me my husband is a skinny white twinks with a monster cock and I don't tell him no he can't top me cause he's not black and not muscular…. ik I said a lot but it bothers me am I being racist for having a type based on experience? Am I racist looking to a black guy to top me first but in the end white, black, Asian I'll let you fuck me am I really racist? I dont exclude anyone one color on my profile i dont say no black rice or spice like wtf… but i have a preferance i go for first and if someone has what im looking for and they arent black im more than happy to hop on it uk. Just i had a guy get mad at me cause i told him i am very submissive to black guys and he was black. Like am i being offensive or was he a bit to sensitive idk i just want some thoughts on this cause yeh when i bottom for a black guy i love seeing his bbc penetrate my white ass… i like the contrast in skin tone and i find black skin attractive but am i really racist cause i actively try to find a certain type of guy more than others. thank you for your input I just wanna learn

  24. STORY TIME REGARDING THIS RACE TOPIC! Someone read.. You may find it..uh.. "Entertaining"? For the lack of a better word haha

    SOOO.. When I was younger I had a drug issue and went to rehab. While I was there I showed NO interest in ANY of the men there. They'd all try to "holla" at me but id just like…smile and look away. (To any girls out there who've ever been / will ever GO to rehab.. GO for YOURSELF!! DO NOTTT turn it into a big singles event/high school for adults) anyway so one of the dudes had one of my girl friends as me if I liked black guys.. So I called him out like "why do you want to know if I like black guys" (I knew damn well it was because, unlike literally EVERY other girl there, I wasn't flirting WITH or BACK TO the guys there who just happened to be all white so.. In THEIR arrogant and big headed minds.. If I wasn't into THEM I MUST be into black guys, right!? Yeaaaa…. Sure… Seems logical…. I….. Guesssss……..?) When I called him out he felt SOOO on the spot you could tell like.. You could just SEE the whoa whoa whoa how am I going to respond to this.. In his FACE lol. ANYWAY.. he said something like "oh uh well…. Ya know.. A lot of pretty white girls these days like black guys so.. I was just.. Wondering..?" bahaha.. Wow that answer.. I was just so.. I mean I was just like…riiiiiiight. Anyway I said to him "I don't NOT like black guys. Id TOTALLY fuck/date a black guy if I happened to find one I liked and was attracted enough to.. Just like a white dude (to which you could just see the "ugh..ew" in his face) but I mean.. I've never personally been with a black guy" …his response to that like… LITERALLY blew me away.. He LEGIT GOES "WOW…GOOOOOD FOR YOOOUUU!" and even went as far as to try to give me a high five WHICH.. YES, I rolled my eyes and DENIED!… I'm just like "what?! I mean.. I don't exactly see it like that..!? Good for me?! What the fuck is that even supposed to mean!?.. Like.. Good that I'm not ruined?!! Good that I'm not TAINTED by a black man!? And I shit you not he pretty much said yes. I asked him if he'd ever fuck/date a girl who's been with a black man and he said "HELL NO!!" and I've actually met PLENTY of men who feel that way. I was actually STRAIGHT UP dating a guy who told me if he had found out I had ever slept with a black guy.. He'd dump me.. Well needles to say (I HOPE) that relationship didn't last long AT ALL and I feel TERRIBLE for the girl he's with now.. Anyway yea.. Man did that WHOLE situation REALLY actually piss me TF off..

    All in all guys.. If you want to be racist…go ahead. I mean…don't. Haha but I can't change you. "GOD GRANT ME THE SERENITY" .. That prayer works with/for WAY more shit that just addicts/alcoholics and the opening prayer for any and all AA/NA meetings lol.. But just.. Keep that shit to YOURSELF MAN! Even if I'm white and you think I WON'T be offended by it.. I am. I'm not offended like you're attacking me personally but I AM offended at the fact that you think I would take it and think it was funny or that I would agree with you or something. It's just SOOOO FUCKING ARROGANT AND DISGUSTING!

    Oookaaayyy end of story/ranttt haha..I hope that at least ONE person read this lol

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