I am recording this video because I was arrested and put in jail two times in Sri Lanka for being a gay person. I am not mentioning my name here or either showing my face because I have to go back and forth to Sri Lanka to visit my parents. My parents do not allow my sexuality and I am not out to them about it. I am safe and living my gay life happily because now I live in outside of my country. I know lot of my fellow gay brothers and sisters are suffering in Sri Lanka because they were persecuted by Sri Lankan police and not getting any help form the Sri Lankan government either. Not only that they were not accept by the traditionally thinking society in Sri Lanka.

Homosexuality is a criminal offence according to the penal code 365 A in Sri Lanka. That you could be arrested and put in jail for up to 12 years.
This is only two of many persecution incidents happened to me in Sri Lanka for being a gay person. Also, there are so many other gay brothers and sisters who have had or still having similar kind of persecutions or even worse incidents in Sri Lanka because of their sexuality.

Most of these incidents are undocumented as everybody is scared to come out and tell about it.


  1. Humans are only creatures do sex for non reproduction purposes. Why so much of hate against gays and lesbians. Many sucides, forced marriages, unhappy marriage and extra matrial sex happen because homosexuality is not legalized.Sex is natural like hunger, thirst. If people put restrictions on it, child abuse, sexual harassment, rape and incident Public sex happens. Western countries has less control over personal desires, so above things are minimal compare to south Asian countries.

  2. Gay men, are men!! Their DNA says they are men and their equipment says they are men!! But they don't like being masculine, yet they cannot be any other. So they become an "IT" and they deny their human dignity by that choice. Everything in our body is productive. Male sperm exists,as Villu says, to reproduce and keep the human species going, but in the case of the gay it is denied this aim and is therefore utterly wasted.It is really a sad issue and requires compassionate redress.

  3. "Moving forward with the world" – this is the excuse that is given for doing anything that anyone wants. Then what about walking in the nude in public, there are many countries that allow that? What about under-age marriage – old men marrying girls of 12 and 13 years of age?. This is allowed in many countries. Can we allow masochists and sadists who are medically proved to have been born like that to practice their natural instincts in society without being "judged" as criminal/deviant?

  4. Indecent exposure is against the law in Sri Lanka. this is what these people do on our beaches and public toilets. We cannot take a walk on the beach after about 7.pm in the outskirts of Colombo or take an "pee" without being harassed by these people, including women prostitutes. Do what you want to in your homes or in your clubs, dont harass us by displaying your deviations in public. Yes, Sri Lanka is a conservative nation, so if you want to be promiscuous go to those countries that allow it!

  5. You're a zoophile (Scientifically proven) Oh please. Obviously you don't know shit about science. Don't even mention science cause you're an unintelligent narrow minded bigot.

  6. U sounds like a retard. Nobody would say it's sexy to watch two men having sex. I'm not gay, but with my psychological knowledge I know that most people were born gay and they cannot change it. What religion are u believe in? Better not to be a Buddhist. Buddhism is one of the few religions which does not discriminate homosexuals or any other minority.

  7. When Sri Lanka is going to legalise this same sex marriage thing? SL should move forward with the world..! Still in stone age with typical ideas. Most of those who are against same sex marriages are not even having a great marriage life. What is wrong if sombody else wana have a life with they love? SL govt is not treating everyone equally. This is so unfair on gay and lesbians. If a gay don wana sleep wit a woman, wot should he do? Kill himself and die? Any stright have an answer???

  8. There are incidents like this… BUT nobody tell it to anybody because of personal reasons.
    Gay is a taboo & telling your incident to anybody make them shy & neglected form their own people.
    There are gays in Colombo.. & gay organizations as EG, COJ, WSG & more groups.. & gay parties. BUT everything was happening in close doors & networked each other NOt on public.
    Everybody afraid about their respect. Do not want to call them as "PONNAYO" (faggots) . So these incidents will not come to public.

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