Jock To Bear Tweets Go Viral

A gay man’s tweets are going viral online and that’s thanks to his surprising five-year transformation.

Dusty Fuller has wanted to make a change for a while now. Five years ago, he wanted to get bigger, but he wasn’t satisfied with the results he was getting.

Then in his late 20s, Fuller knew he wanted a bigger body, but thought what he wanted was muscles. After making gains and jacking up at the gym, Fuller realized that wasn’t enough. What he really wanted was a muscular bear body.

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As he told Gay Star News:

“My weight gain was on purpose. I used to strive to be a huge muscled dude with abs. I started lifting weights in 2012 and worked hard at lifting and counting calories and macros for a few years. However, I just wasn’t increasing my size like I wanted to. I had always been envious of beefier muscled bears, so in 2015 I decided to go that route to increase my size…I wanted to become a Bear.”

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Once Fuller realized what it was he really wanted in a body form, he got his butt to work. The man started weight lifting four days a week and eating 4,000 to 5,000 calories a day (remember, the average man only needs 2500 calories).

But Fuller says his health was always his priority and that he wasn’t willing to put his life at risk. I would say eating double the amount of calories necessary is putting weight over health, but Fuller wouldn’t agree.

After sharing his tweets online to show the difference five years made for him, many people on the internet responded with praise and disgust.

But for Fuller, all of that doesn’t matter. He’s got the body he always wanted and he’s pretty happy.

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