Gay Man Shares Heartwarming Letter

A gay man from New Jersey just got a letter from his brother, and that message is now going viral online.

Erick Endres decided to tweet out a photo of the letter that he received from his younger brother Sean, and some on the internet are crying after reading it.

If you can’t read the handwriting of the message (or it’s taken down later,) the message reads:


I just want to let you know that I love you. We don’t have time in this life to be sad or hide who we really are because before you know it, it could be too late.

Love whoever you want, just love hard. I support and will support you in any way possible. I know we’re not the closest, but I just wanna let you know that I know and I don’t care because it doesn’t change you as a person.

So if you ever need to get anything off your chest, I’m right here. You don’t have to find your identity alone!

I love, I care, and I support you, Erick.

Love, Sean”

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But that’s not the end of the story. Erick shared that he has received heaps of well-wishes and loving messages from people of the internet that discovers his initial post.

As he writes:

“I can’t believe this tweet has blown up! I’m incredibly humbled for all the love and support I’ve received from not only my brother, but the people that have liked and shared this. I felt that I had to share it because maybe I can help someone who has been struggling like I have.”

He then later added:

“Like people are tweeting me these beautiful things, their own stories, their own photos, their own experiences. I’m so humbled right now and the amount of support and love from a world of strangers is beyond incredible.”

We want to add that we were touched by Erick and the letter from his brother. We hope the best for the two, and that their brotherly love extends to others.