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Gay Man Sues New Jersey Spa

A gay man’s masseur got an unhappy ending after the client called the police on him.

On September 8, 34-year-old Ronnie Arnau and his husband decided to go to the Living Fresh Men’s Spa on Woodland Park’s West 22nd Street.

After the two were separated, Ronnie was greeted by his masseur named Pei Tian. At first, the massage was going fine, but, as the New York Post reports, Arnau quickly became uncomfortable.

According to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Arnau’s masseur Pei Tian started to focus only on Arnau’s butt.

“As Arnau became more and more uncomfortable with Tian’s focus on his buttocks, Tian moved his fingers below Arnau’s buttocks and began caressing” Arnau’s genitals.

“At no point had Arnau indicated, orally or otherwise, that he consented to Tian touching his penis. Nor did he ever indicate any desire for him to do so,” the lawsuit added.

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While all of this was happening, Arnau was frozen from shock, but had to stop Tian when the masseur asked him to take off his town and turn over.

“At that point, having shaken off his initial state of shock, Arnau abruptly rose from the massage table and demanded that Tian leave the room,” the court file explains.

Aranu then called the police and had Pei Tian arrested. Tian was then charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse. His criminal court case is ongoing.

After reaching out the the Liviing Fresh Men’s Spa, it was revealed that Pei Tian is still working at the establishment. The business also states that they are not “that kind of spa.”

Arnau’s lawyer, Carrie Goldberg, said to the New York Post, “Living Fresh Spa ignored Mr. Arnau when he reported the assault. The spa– through their silence and inaction– condones the idea that gay men at gay spas are consenting to unwanted touching from staff.”

Goldberg added, “While people may laugh about the sexualization of spas – happy endings or locker room orgies — the vast majority of people go to spas for healing and relaxation – not sex.”