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  1. I feel like gay friends are like really good friends to have. Like, there's this kid, and im not naming any names, who i think could be gay. Or he's just feminine, but he's really a good friend. Also i don't care if anyone is gay.

  2. I'm a 50 year old white conservative christian male… ( endangered species ) and I have ZERO problem with gay marriage… Never have. Live and let live man…

  3. People were too retarded to understand that one was religious and one was dad is Republican and understood that forever ago..but he is a state employee..but long before gay marriage was legalized people stopped using that gays will help the marriage statistics because yea no ?? gays and allies know the culture too well..we ain't no different..i personally was upset because I was like fuck now I can't use the we can't get married excuse if I meet someone..just now tell them off the bat fuck marriage because I ain't about burning money twice ☕

  4. A lot of what he saying is logical and even though I am a Christian I really don’t give a shit about gay marriage my cousin is gag I don’t care we’ve been best friends since age 7 and he still acts the same see the Christians who constantly protest about banning gay marriageI think there a bad example of other Christians which is very insulting

  5. Honestly people need to realize we all think different and god given us free will to build our own lives and paths. So if two men or women want to get married I say good for them.

  6. Saying that gay people shouldn’t get married because you’re (fill in the blank religious group) is like saying “that person at the other table shouldn’t be eating a burger because I’m vegan”. It’s just a load of crap

  7. Ok where does it say only a man and woman can marry I read the Bible once all the way the when I was eight. That’s how quickly I read through all the book in my school. The only quote I ever found about gays at all was the only interesting question from god in the whole book. Cause it seemed he was genuinely asking as if he didn’t know it was “why does thou layeth down with a man as if thou ist a woman?” Only interesting in the Bible since it implicated that god didn’t know the answer or was learning of a new concept and honestly wanted to know.

  8. There are several religious institutions that preform gay marriage in there churches because of that THERES NO WAY THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE INVOLVED!!!! that's literally overstepping the right to practice your religion freely. Same as my Catholic Church not preforming gay marriages let people do what they want in there respective groups because big government is the problem

  9. I agree with this; except the last minute. Only issue is that those that use religion, either for or against, don't know what the original text state most of the time. As long as the gays don't force themselves on the religious that don't believe it is right, like the bakers, then God will judge them accordingly. All Christians are meant to do is spread the word as it is written, not force it. Another thing is that God is constant, as is his words. Notice the only things he changed was things like edible food when we could properly eat it. HE made free will so we can chose him. To force your will onto another, other than to protect people like with prisons and laws, you are committing a form of slavery.

  10. "Everyone hates their in-laws".
    Ugh, I hate to fall into a stereotype, but I LOATHE my mother-in-law. But I also have reason to: she's a narcissistic cunt that acts like she's the victim of EVERYTHING and thinks everyone should cater to her every stupid whim.
    My husband's step-father is okay but his biological father is annoying.
    My husband is "meh" about my mom but he likes my dad.

  11. i'm gonna flip a coffie table if there isn't a hot lesbian moving next door…… (waits….) dammit (flips table)

  12. I'm religious and a Christian but i absolutely agree completely with this video. Too many crazy religous fanatics in this world and crazy people that roam it

  13. Sooo,..if "enough",.free-willed people, formed a concensus,..that,.ohhh, say,.pedophilia,.or,..OH, about, axe-murderers, that essentially, the "things" that the DO, should no longer be considered crimes,..""Cuz SO many people are doi'n it!"
    They have…axe-murderer support groups like..S.P.A.M…"Society for the Promotion of Axe-Murdering."
    And.."then", "pole-smokers" would get civil & legal protection from the government.
    The NEXT thing ya' know,…a parent, would be arrested, tried, & convicted, for.."discrimination", because ""THEY" disagreed with some freak, that wanted to "molest" their CHILDREN!"
    And DON'T give me that,..'Pedophiles & axe-murderers are people TOO,.so..who are YOU to deny these…evolutionary malfunctions, "their" rights, to KILL, as MANY people, or, molest, as MANY children as they want??..
    It IS a historical FACT,.that ANY "great" civilizations, that abandon morality and embrace depravity,,.innevitably HAVE,.and WILL..socially self-destruct..COLLAPSE.

  14. I don't give a shit as long as some group doesn't tell me that I have to "pretend" someone is a certain sex because their feelings dictate it. My philosophy is "as long as your not involving me then go for it". You saying I gotta call you "them" even though your one person or you saying I have to believe gender is fluid is proportionally fucking with me.
    Some would say "what's the big deal just do it to make them feel better" and my response would be that it's not about who's involvement is more miniscule than the others the point here is you do you and I'm going to do me! I don't force you to call me Mr meat stick AKA lance good thrust so you don't have power over what I believe or say (was shooting for more of a comedy relief than a good example lol) but you get my drift.
    You don't get to be married, share health insurance do everything as a straight couple would PLUS get me to call you "free spirit " or one of the other 56 crazy genders.
    I've got nothing against nobody I just don't want involved and that includes my speech and beliefs.

  15. The idea that a GLBT person would cherish their marriage more than a non-GLBT person because they "fought for it" is bogus. By that logic, the same could be said for non-GLBT people who fought hard to keep it for themselves. But wait, roughly 50% of those marriages fall in divorce. Give it a decade and you will see this trend repeat itself for GLBT marriages. On top of that, if this were of a case revolving around an ACTUAL institution of love, you might have had a point. But it isn't. Do not let those retarded "love wins" or "love conquers all" superimposed filters on Facebook then fool you. No one in this era marries for love. They marry for the almighty fucking dollar. Before it's legalization, nothing stopped me or any GLBT person from loving another person of the same sex. I could still love a man. I just couldn't get government credits from it. Not that it mattered though because that credit doesn't mean jack or shit once the horrid marriage penalty tax kicks in and all but zeros out the credit. If you ask me, not being able to marry was probably a blessing for me because at least big government wasn't financially ass raping under the guise of fighting for my "social justice".

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