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About this video:
We invited men from 10 – 50 (and every age in between) to respond to one word: “gay.” These are their responses.

10 Ian
11 Dylan
12 Zack
13 Morgan
14 Jeremiah
15 Kyle
16 Victor
17 Cole
18 John Jr.
19 Isaac
20 Sam
21 I.V.
22 Christian
23 Zachary
24 Aaron
25 Michael
26 Brandon
27 Joseph
28 Nam
29 Patrick
30 Chris
31 Ray
32 Kellen
33 Quang
34 Dan
35 Cory
36 Donnie
37 Peter
38 Jazz
39 John
40 Ning
41 David
42 Silas
43 David
44 Blak
45 Ian
46 Will
47 Jeff
48 Mike
49 Darryl
50 Thomas

Scott Calvert – Audio/PA
Shaun Libman – Video Editor

Alone by Courtland Urbano

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  1. Y’all must be so brave criticizing a 16 year old boy huh, say shit like “bitch bye “ and calling him other names… fuck outta here bruh

  2. Usually positive guy here, but astonished on the amount of how can I say, stupid, people who think it's a choice… so tired of explaining but it's simply just NOT a choice

  3. I thought 23 and I were gonna have to throw hands, but then he followed up with "Someone can be different than you and still be equal. They deserve everything I deserve."

    You cool. You're not saying different as in unnatural, you're saying different as in different from yourself

  4. People loosing their shit about the 16 year old saying it's a choice… Like relax, he was probably referring that people get to choose who they like and love, even if it's the same gender.

  5. This video, for women: “hoe” honestly I get that a lot and I’ve only had 2 boyfriends in my life… No, they weren’t serious, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING.

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