April 14, 2013. Ocean Drive. Song: “Feel this Moment” by Christina Aquilera, and song “Let There Be Love” by Kobalt Music Publishing


  1. You people that continue saying " Being Gay is an abomination or Gays will go to hell" are the that are going straight to Hell. People that say such things should be ashamed of themselves for being both disrespectful and vile. I'm Not gay, but I have a bunch of friends and Family Members that are Gay and I couldn't be any happier for them. Nobody is asking for your opinions anyways. People should learn that " If you don't have something good to say THEN just keep it to yourselves. Trust me, you guys that continue saying those things are just wasting your breathes because the Gay community doesn't care 10 cents for what you guys have to say. Oh, and for the person that said " In Russia, they will be killed" should be executed because nobody deserves to be killed because they are different. It's sad to see this harsh comments!! WAO it's just WAO!!!

  2. Race does not exist biologically, but it does exist to the average person. Race is socially contruct, plain and simple. You might be this race in this country, but might not in the next country.

  3. People say we are equal im like wtf because if we were "EQUAL" why are we still judged by the color of skin,Hair type,Height and any other non-sense that Hispanics,Indians,Americans.Black??? try searching Google,Bing or any search engine and ask does Race REALLY Real or is it just something people judge us by and assume we are white or Black??

  4. Haha come on people we live in the 21'st century stop acting like children you homophobes. I'm not gay myself but its obvious that they can do whatever they want to. If you're gay and you're reading this, love you keep fighting for what you believe in! 🙂

  5. WIDE is the road to destruction. Look at all the travelers on that road. Sodom and Gomarrah is a very famous story about those whose behavior mocked the moral law of the Almighty. Woe to all those that call evil good and good evil. Those cities that flaunted their immorality and wickedness ended in total destruction by fire and brimstone. How can you think this will end any differently? A warning to all… repent.

  6. they can fuck whoever they want,but do children have to look at 2 man at the street making out and think its normal?

  7. damn flamers god gaves us a rainbow to look at now you flamers got to clam the rainbow and when we stiaght people look at it we are like damn gay pride week

  8. love the god old cock in me ommmggggg yeesssssssss pleeaseee people join me gay pride forever, haters can hate 😉

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