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scott, January 18th, 2018

gay Schöneberg - pixabay

Schöneberg is the heart of the gay playground that is Berlin, Germany.

We meet locals Ralf and Gunter Bauer who share their tips on how to experience Schöneberg like a local:

How long have you lived in Schöneberg?

We moved to Schöneberg two and a half years ago from Kreuzberg. We lived in Kreuzberg for over 10 years, but our closest friends always lived in Schöneberg.

What are your favorite gay bars in Schöneberg?

Hafen ‚Äď we always meet our closest friends there to celebrate birthdays.

La Cocotte, which has a French kitchen ‚Äď led by good friends.

Caf√© B√©rio ‚Äď a great caf√© not only for breakfast and cakes, but to meet everyone who walks along, shopping or cruising.

GMF ‚Äď the Sunday tea dance party, the hottest in the city, with two levels, good house music and cute boys.

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