‘Camping out in Queensland’ is a gay short film exploring sexuality.
The first documentary in 2 years from us, and the first film for 2014! It’s a light hearted and fun film about our antics whilst camping out in the Bush , along with the 2 furry babies in tow. However, it’s also an excuse for me to unleash an expose if you like – a gay public announcement to update, and for some, inform for the 1st time a few of the unbelievable and draconian gay/human rights issues and laws, especially for a beautiful country like Australia, which still haven’t been addressed, but even more shocking, were quickly repealed by the new Prime Minister. It’s not all serious in this film – it’s done with a slap and tickle! xx

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  1. 'Phoney' Abbott, Australia's pathetic PM, should be forced to watch this on a daily basis. Excellent video.

  2. I note that even SBS feels happier showing Cucumber and Banana so late at night you really have to be determined to stay up to watch it.

  3. Well done. Congratulations. Down with the 'wanker' Tony Abbott, PM.

  4. haha! Excellent Dan… I like & applaud your frankness… gay/lesbian/trans has evolved in Qld I know because in 1982 I started the LGBT counselling service for all the reasons you mention… you might contact them sometime they're doing really good work so I hear… good luck with the adoption it's SO needed kids deserve love & support & a "home"… my regards to your partner… ciao Lance

  5. Hello Dan Fry,
    What a nice movie you have made with a story about the lives of gaycopple.
    The country where you live is beautiful nature.
    I am gay and i am happy with that and with my coming out with my 60 years, but also i see there is a lot off things to do about the gay copple and other gay in other country,s 
    For me i see it so as gay you are tolerated but it is not accepted by many people.
    I am self on campings alone and is see the people thinking why is that men alone on this camping.
    But Dan Fry this is my life and i am happy with that live en let the people thinks what the want to thinks my slogan is : Live your Live how you want to live it and let people thinking.
    Go on Dan with this kind of cases, thanks for it it put people let thinking about things and that is good.

  6. Do they still have that shitty law where. If a guy is hitting on a guy and one them is straight. That the straight guy can beat/defend themselves to the point if they kill the other guy it can called self defences ?

    Tho if I women kills a guy trying to rape her will charged with manslaughter.

    I dislike Queensland and the current government to the point where I might apply for asylum in a country that allows same sex couples to marry.

    I just so far over it.

    If I was living in one of those country that jails gays, I would be dead or in jail.

    This is how I feel that Australia is heading, well in certain states.

  7. Very well executed short film. Greetings from Connecticut, USA. I've been listening and following the politics of your country. Your film really is an authentic and mind provoking film. If New Zealand can make it happen then why not Australia. USA is moving along quickly…Not quick enough…..Russia ,Nigeria ,Uganda and soon Ethiopia are an embarrassment . Hopefully there will be an uprising. Everything in your film is spot on. There is nothing wrong with campy gay humor ,but that is only one depiction that movies enjoy. Gays run the spectrum no different than heterosexuals. Here is hoping that 2014 becomes a banner year for Australia and my wish Is that you are snow to have the family of your dreams.

  8. Scientific evidence shows that children of gay families grow up to be well adjusted and psychologically healthy.

  9. At a crucial moment, the narrator speaks of brainwashing by, ultimately, a  government. This is misleading. The brainwashing was by a religion, not a government, and by an older generation. 

  10. Obviously you guys have not been watching Days of Our Lives lately. I suggest that you look it up – some of the sexiest lovemaking scenes ever produced and not just once but several times between two of the shows main characters Sony and Will (both male and very cute).  Then there's the British show Hollyoaks and many others out of Europe and the Far East. The world is changing rapidly where being gay is concerned – unfortunately though – it's going one direction or the complete opposite – as with India and in particular, Uganda, where laws have just been passed to make homosexuality illegal and punishable by life in prison or execution. I also like to take this opportunity to recommend an amazing new book titled Ztingar. What its story has to say 'logically' about LIFE, including being gay, knocks the arse out of all that has and is being said by those who appose it. If those young people you speak of who commit suicide had read this book beforehand, they would not only change their minds, but completely change their perception of things and become stronger and prouder than they ever thought they could do. 

  11. Good New Year's wishes to you and Johann. I remember a fellow who Boyd McDonald, now sadly deceased, included in one of his anthologies of gay men's sexual exploits, bemoaning the fact that Queensland was a tremendous embarrassment for the rest of Australia. I'm pretty much neutral on the gay adoption thing. I could not possibly bring myself to have a child that was not a blood relative, but I certainly have no problem with a person(s) who, assuming they are not adopting as some sort of political statement or agenda fulfillment action, wish to love and care for an otherwise discarded child. Complete disclosure: A good result of my previous life-of-lies before I came out is my son and now my grandson.

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