A WA YouTube star is under fire over a homophobic rant that’s highlighted a major legal loophole. The DJ posted the anti-gay tirade online but unlike other states he can’t be charged under anti-vilification laws.

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  1. CRIMINAL CHARGES? WTF? I think he is an asshole now (He likes that asshole Crowder!) But criminal charges for not liking a group?!? Wow.

  2. Well, he is just admitting that he is against homosexuality in general. But, I'll always support him, in terms of his music, Pogo never disappoints anyone with his music.

    I'm saying this against the cowardly people that have something outrageous to say, even when I'm for homosexuality rights, and is a straight ally.

  3. If he was referencing his displeasure of how homosexuals are using their status as a club against others, I understand that. But if he's just having them due to them being gay, that is a lot less understandable.

  4. Why doesn't the media attack the Middle East and Saudi Arabia for the homophobic murder that they commit every second?

  5. He said things to anger people and get on the news to get attention then he apologized, getting himself more attention and nobody can hold it against him because he apologized. Well played.

    Or he genuinely meant it but people were mad about it so he apologized just to save his career.

  6. As a gay person I realize that gay people (or closeted gay people like this guy) are critical of their own people. I would say that it is what you would expect from a Perth person, but I have heard the same thing in Melbourne and Sydney. The eastern states need anti-hate speech laws for a reason.

  7. I  saw the video..   err.. I thought he was complaining that some Muslim 'fanatics'  (who apparently hate 'Gay' people with a vengeance) were arriving in Australia..  I honestly heard it as a worried cry against fascism..  So is '9News' in the habit of creating 'Fake News'  ?   I dunno.. but… some devious editing methinks.. !

  8. I cant believe you guys frame it like this. POGO is in his own words bisexual(or had explored the option), and is making a joke about how we are importing people of a faith that want to have people like POGO killed for their sexuality.

  9. Everyone taking this seriously is stupendously fucking stupid. He was making a joke because people thought his username url was homophobic. It's amazing how many people missed the joke. Please uninstall your internet forever.

  10. Get over it. If AIDS spreading Faggots can have parades and "pride" marches and days then get the fuck over it. Gay people are DISGUSTING

  11. What he said is certainly pretty strong and I condemn it. HOWEVER, hate crime? He didn't do anything illegal. I don't know about Australia, it's gone pretty commie the last few decades, but the man has a right to say it.
    GET A GRIP ON YOURSELVES PEOPLE! He didn't incite any type of violence. I will continue to listen to his music because it's damn good stuff, and unlike the hard left, we don't disown people for having unsavory opinions.

    I just can't believe that some people in this world think they have the right to throw people in jail for hurting their feelings. GET A FUCKING GRIP!

    And after some of the horribly vile and violent stuff said about Donald Trump and his supporters and his family, you're all ape-shit over an anti-gay slur? If the left didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

    I'm homoseual myself, and much as I disagree with Pogo saying this stuff, I still remain a fan.

  12. They are purposely taking him out of context by showing only small cuts. He is obviously being sarcastic to the people who are calling him homophobic & at the end showing the irony of how the liberal majority have welcomed Muslims onto their side with open arms when Islamic beliefs are incompatible with modern liberal ideology, so if anything, people should really only be able to argue he's Islamophobic, but he's definitely not homophobic.

  13. it's terrifying that the only thing stopping you crazy people from locking up this man is a "loophole". I don't care if he's a Hitler loving Nazi, a Stalin loving Communist, or a 9/11 loving Jihadist. You shouldn't go to jail for speaking your mind in a video. what the heck is wrong with you people!?

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