Build big ripped biceps by training like this…

If you want to get big biceps you’ll definitely have to do plenty of bicep curls. As a matter of fact, biceps workouts are known for their lack of originality when it comes to the exercises options you have for growing them. Almost every single bicep exercise involves some sort of a curl, whether you do them with cables, dumbbells or barbells.

That said, regardless of which piece of equipment you use to do your bicep curls, I’m going to show you 5 big bicep mistakes you want to avoid if you want to get bigger arms fast. In this video, I cover five fixes you can start making in your very next bicep workout.

To recap what these fixes are to help you get bigger biceps with dumbbells, I’ll list them out here in order.

1. Be sure to supinate while you are curling not before you curl.

Too often, people initiate a dumbbell curl by twisting their wrists and supinating their forearms without having started the bicep curl. This is not helping you to train your bicep muscle fully. If you want to get big biceps you need to supinate the wrists while the dumbbell is being lifted.

2. Use a shift grip if you want to increase your bicep contraction at the top.

If you find that you cannot generate enough of a forceful contraction of your biceps at the top of your curl, then shift to a shift grip. This grip requires that you slide your hand all the way up against the thumb side of the dumbbell. This forces you to twist with more force at end of each bicep dumbbell curl.

3. Be sure to slowly lower the dumbbells and not just drop them.

It is the easiest thing to remind people, but it’s the one they forget the most. If you want to grow bigger biceps you have to slow down your eccentrics. The nice advantage of eccentric bicep training is that there is practically no risk of bodily harm by doing it (unlike the risk associated with doing it on a bench press or squat).

4. Don’t always perform dumbbell curls in alternating fashion.

Let’s face it. It’s easier to do dumbbell curls if you alternate right and left sides. The reason is, that it takes half the stabilization strength of your core and lower body to do a single rep. That said, if your biceps are truly a weak spot of yours, use the alternating style to fully concentrate on your bicep contraction and grow bigger biceps before moving back to the dual form.

5. Don’t forget to curl up to your nose for bigger biceps.

Your biceps fully contract when you perform not just elbow flexion but shoulder flexion as well. Curl the weight up to shoulder height and beyond to make sure you are fully contracting the long head of the biceps.

As you can see, if you want to get big arms and biceps in particular you have to do curls and you have to do them right. Fix your bicep workout by avoiding these 5 big mistakes and then head to to get your complete athletic muscle building system – ATHLEAN-X.

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  1. At 53 years old, I can say that this (see video link) has always been the most aggravating part of trying to stay strong and grow. Everyone telsl you something different. I want to trust AthleanX (and I do), BUT there is always someone telling you that the other guy is doing it wrong. On top of that, after decades of reading and listening to the "experts", I find that EVERY muscle head in the gym and EVERY video of any well-known bodybuilder that we've ever seen shows these guys doing EVERYTHING we have been told for decades not to do. Swing weights, drop weights after lift instead of lowering slowly, etc.
    Anyway, enough ranting, watch this video. Especially you Jeff. I'd love to hear what you think of what this guy is saying.

  2. I don't even curl, my biceps are pretty big from just rows and forearms, shoulders and triceps are more important. Curling sucks ass

  3. for some reason my biceps are getting big but i dont feel any biceps pain when i do the classic curl but in other bicep exercises i feel so much more biceps pain and contraction

  4. Your the best. i have bad night shoulder pain. I don't know if it came from my bicep tendon or my shoulder. can you help?

  5. You forgot to mention to not go backwards when you lift cus it puts weight on your back and doesn't work out the bicep properly

  6. Thank you for the tips in this video and the previous one ! I've been working out weekly for a few years without much noticeable improvement despite increasing the weight. Hopefully this will make a difference!

  7. I can give a tip to the guys with adjustable dumbbells.
    Just load one side more and make the supination harder. Trust me it works really nice and gives good results

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