I’m certainly not suggesting for one moment that there is anything wrong with this shoot featuring gorgeous Javier Monroy, but I have to admit I did chuckle a little when I saw it.

As you might know, I tend to formulate a little story in my head when I see a theme for a sexy shoot with a handsome hunk, but this one had me completely baffled.

He’s posing in some very slinky and sexy undies for legendary photographer Joan Crisol, and he has some mirrors…

I have no idea what kind of story leads to him being in this predicament, out in the woods with a bunch of mirrors and drapery, but whatever it is it would be pretty interesting.

Actually, let me take a shot at it…

I’m going with the idea that he’s an interior designer on his way home from a shopping trip when his car broke down on the freeway, then it burst into flames. He’s managed to rescue some items but in the process he burnt his clothes off. Thankfully he escaped unscathed with a collection of his items and some undies, now he’s struggling to decide which underwear flatters him the most, for when the firefighters arrive 🙂

Man, I’ve got a cracking imagination, right? lol

Enjoy this handsome man, and let me know in the comments if you have a more sensible scenario for how he ended up in this position.

Have a great Monday!

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