I’m not much of a jealous type, but I confess that now and then I see the work of a photographer and I wish I could go back in time and dedicate my life to the art form. It’s not just because I would be able to hang out with gorgeous men like Alex Trevelin, it’s about the art too, honest!

I was just checking out some of the photography by Julio Tavares, a guy I’d never heard of before seeing another pic by him, and as soon as I saw these photos I knew we had to have a post on the blog.

I’m quite surprised we haven’t seen Alex here already, the green-living vegetarian Brazilian has been out there for a while and appeared in some really sexy shoots (which I think we’re gonna need to see on the blog in the future). Somehow he flew under my radar.

Incidentally, I was vegetarian once, but I was so bad at it I had to start eating meat again just to survive. Looking at how stunning Alex looks in these photos makes me want to try it again.

But, let’s be honest, sometimes you just need the right genetics to be able to do that and look like this guy 🙂

Enjoy him, drool if you like, leave a comment and let me know what you think. Are there nude shoots out there with this guy? I guess we might be finding out soon.

Have a great Thursday!

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