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In this clip, Gleesh spoke about wearing a MAGA (Make America Gleesh Again) hat and how he feels about Trump. He spoke about how he’s into remixing things he doesn’t like into something he does which was the reasoning behind his version of the MAGA hat. But he also applies that approach to racism in general as he spoke at length about having conversations with those who you disagree with until understanding is established.
Gleesh and Vlad discussed MLK’s approach to racism, Kanye’s controversial comments, and why Gleesh hates racists white people in LA the most.

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  1. Big Gleechie…Shit Bag Shawty…Cleansides Finest…Norf East to Souf East…Sursum Corda's to Barry Farms…PG to Moco…..DC shit ALL DAY.

  2. Down in the Southern Belt, there are places you do not want to be if you are Black. I see what he tried to get at, but he need to come down South and take some trips to the Sip, North Texas, Arkansas, and etc. Think he will have a talk with them White Knights? Good luck b. Stay safe.

  3. Its crazy how people say the jewish plight isnt to be taken lightly but black people just gotta get over slavery

  4. Majority of white racist are Northern cities, Midwest and westcoast. Trump himself isn't even from the South. Southern racism is up front

  5. I get what he saying but fuck that. They don't give a fuck what we think so why are we so interested in why they're oppressive? We needa speak to the white allies we have. Not try n change our enemy's mind

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