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  1. I don't mind the subtitles. Youtube rule is you can't please everyone. They should come here for good commentary and a good play through, which is what you bring. Some things they will just have to deal with.

  2. Great vid but u need to upload more often cause sometimes people get tire of waiting for u to upload the next vid but great stuff

  3. Lol Mori, Smh. Ay but Dave they right. Cut down the game volume and do more 3mission vids with Subtitles.

  4. the crackhead meanuvers are slowing down looks like lmao still enjoyed the vid but i just need the game volume turned down a bit while u talkin but im cool wit the subtitles fam

  5. Keep the subtitles on, that way you can turn the game volume down low and we can hear you better!

  6. Yo dave on the real im lovin the 3 mission episode my dude keep makin em and i rocked wit u all da way thru

  7. she was in the car then she found out you where trying to kid nap her and start moving the car wheel then you knocked her out

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