A group of guys in black wet speedo / speedos / T-backs play football on some exotic beach. Kinda wish physical ed at school had been more like this… (sigh)


  1. In Classical Greek and Roman times, this is precisely how you played a sport–almost naked, in a thong-like or speedo-like cloth, on soft sand. The original classical Olympics for about 500 years had thong-like coverings as the only uniform. This is not an unknown tradition in Western culture. The fact that it took me so long to find a modern-day version of this is interesting. And no one ever said these Greek and Roman men were anything less than men for doing sports in such outfits.

  2. I agree. They are comfortable with what they are wearing and why should this be a concern to anyone else? I wear a thong/bikini on the beach as long as it is mostly adults.

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