I’m yet again shocked and surprised that we have never seen a guy we should have seen long before now. His name is Dean Perona and he’s a sexy and handsome jock hunk with everything going on, and I think we’re gonna need to see a lot more of him after enjoying this shoot by photographer Christian Oita.

The UK based model is one of those guys who can apparently do everything. I did a little searching on his name earlier and he’s been in plenty of shoots of all different styles and themes, from athletic to suits, and everything in-between.

He’s just got that kind of versatile look to him I guess, he’s the kind of man who looks damn fine no matter what he’s wearing.

I don’t think we’ve seen any photography from Christian Oita before, but if this is the kind of thing she does then I think I want to see more of her work.

What else can I say about Dean other than he’s gorgeous and fit and I want to see that bulge without anything over it lol

Enjoy him, leave a comment, hit that thumbs up button, and please have a fantastic Saturday 🙂