Hansen Vs. Predator: Chris Hansen confronts Jesse Velez, a 28-year-old male on the prowl for a 13-year-old boy — even sending him lewd nude pictures. If that isn’t shocking enough, what he asks for next will make you sick.


  1. Velez: I won’t walk into anyone’s house ever again.

    Instead you’ll be walking into prison.

  2. This is so cringe I’m cackling even tho it’s fucked up but like this guy is an idiot “omg I didn’t even know I sent that..” picture of dick

  3. The way he says "lemme see" and leans in to see the phone, never fails to irritate me and his flamboyant drawl and doublr chin and overall gay shit makes me want to bash his face in.. No hate to gay people just gay pedos..

  4. I hate this fat spick for using so many double negatives even more than I hate him for being a pedo faggot.

  5. Who the fuck hangs around Children that aren't yours or your familys? The excuses these clowne's make rattles my brain box, normal people don't do that creepy shit.

  6. the fucking idiot sent a 13yr old boy a picture of his dick, and we are the ones totally misunderstanding what hes about, get fucked you pathetic, desperate, loser who the fuck are you fooling? you played yourself bitch enjoy being treated like a 13 yr old boy by grown ass men in prison you losty???????

  7. The way this guy is talking like its just a big misunderstanding and we are all gonna laugh about it one day, they tap dance all over the joint its so funny watching them bullshit and act all innocent when we know wtf they have said to someone they assume is a 13yr old boy, paedophiles are so pathetic and they give straight and gay Men such a bad look you really are a desperate loser try to get with a child, seriously its so weak and disgusting ? paedophiles and morbidly obese people i have no time oir sympathy for but atleast a fatty can lose weight.

  8. what a thing to have on your resume played a 13 yr old boy in a child predator sting on hanson vs predator.

  9. When you're a disgusting pedophile and you get busted by gray haired Batman so you say you're a year younger than you really are thinking that'll help.

  10. Do they think that 19 year old man really could pass for 13 yr old boy?? Lol. He looks exactly his age maybe even a year or two older that is why the predator as soon as he sees him in person is reluctant to 'netflix and chill' cause he is probably already poopin his pants waiting for Hansen to pop out.

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