Until about a month ago, I was strictly a bottom. I hated being a top. But in the past month, I’ve slowly changed from being a bottom to now enjoying being a top much more than a bottom.

I don’t know why it’s happening, but being a top is now my preference.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. Used to be just a bottom. Would say I’m vers bottom in relationships but top for hook ups. I think bottoming is super intimate, and I like doing it with guys I trust/like.

    It’s all about the vibe, the chemistry, the dynamic you have with that person.

    One guy I want to dick me down, others I want to dick down.

  2. When I first started out, I was a total bottom, but only because topping someone seemed difficult. My first serious ex taught me how to top properly and I became pretty versatile for a while. Now, I consider myself a top who occasionally bottoms. And by “occasionally”, I mean that in seven years, I’ve bottomed three times and topped more times than I can count. LOL! I get the urge to bottom from time to time, but I don’t necessarily call myself versatile because I feel like that implies 50/50 when it’s more like 92/8.

  3. A friend of my called it being an instinctive top. But totally agree. Preferred position depends on the guy and the time. I prefer topping but sometimes you just want to get fucked.

  4. Yeah when I first came out I was so adamant about being strict Top but now I’m vers and fuckin love it..more fun and I love group play !! Vers for life! Lol

  5. Started off top as I was afraid of the pain of bottoming. Until I got a partner who actually knew what to do. Still mainly a top but I’ll bottom sometimes if I’m in the mood.

  6. My boyfriend and I practically switched roles around each other. Something about our chemistry brought out the top in him and vice versa. We’re both verse-ish anyway.

    But even outside of that, my preferences have morphed over time as well.

  7. This is one reason I’m glad no one has ever wanted to date me. Guys changing roles is very common based on everyone I know. My role has never changed and it would be devastating to a relationship to have my partner change while I didn’t.

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