So my partner isn’t into public play or light humiliation as much as I am interested in trying it. I tell him to think of something fun to try because I want it to be a surprise but even though I ask he doesn’t think of anything. I’m open to trying anything that’s not too risky and that could be nerve wracking to try. I also was super nervous up til now to follow through with commands so he’s lost interest in putting in effort to this. I need ideas that will get him back in the dominant mood to trying fun things. What are some fun scenarios to try out where he can order me to do things like take off my clothes outside or in the car, let him fuck me outside, or being tied down and letting him use toys on me. I want to give him ideas to save in memory so when he does feel the desire to finally take control he has something to try. Help!


  1. It can start at dinner. After you place your order, he can tell you “no” and tell the waiter what you will have. It’s a non-sexual way to let you know “tonight’s the night!”

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