Hi, so im new to butt play and recently i got a Rex from BadDragon medium size. Its a silicone Dildo. The lube i got is also silicone and i didnt know u couldnt use it with other silicone products until now. Do i have anything to worry about as far as my health is concerned? Next, I already used it and had a pleasent time, but now I cant seem to wash the silicone lube off me or the dildo (after researh i realized why. I know, mistake. Sry im new).

Other than health is there any way to better clean this lube off me or my toy? I used a clean dry towel to wipe down my toy and honestly it seems fine.

Thanks for any and all advice!


  1. Use soap and warm water to wash up yourself and your toy. Just keep an eye on your toy for cracks or tears and avoid using that lube with it in the future.

    You can pick up water based lube at any grocery store with a pharmacy (or any pharmacy) for fairly cheap, or amazon.

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