In an interview with Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton admits that she is against gay marriage in New York, and explains why she supported the war in Iraq.

What DOES she actually stand for?


  1. Sooo do liberals tend to forget as well? Thank goodness for tapes!

    Insert RUSSIA was here comment, Fake News, or MSNBC is fake news for interviewing Clinton *Rolls Eyes*

  2. So trump says in an interview 20+ years ago during a private interview during a jokingly figurative manner that if ur rich u can grab em by the pussy and he's called a rapist….

    But this cunt absolutely says NO to same sex marriage more recently and people think she's a fine candidate for presidency?!? Also, she even continued to lie by saying "i've always been grounded and my beliefs have always been the same, i have fought for inequality for 40 years" oh stfu

  3. Hahaha you can tell she knows the twin towers were nuked/ demolished by the CIA and private interests. "In this NEW WORLD COUGH ORDER COUGH Organized terrorists, with money & global reach, who could then get access to weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION"
    Shit is ominous af

  4. I voted for Hilary as a gay woman, even knowing she used to be homophobic. people are allowed to change opinions, and what's important is that she supports us now :))

  5. this dumb bitch. sure let immigrants b president. hell why not just let anyone in other countries run for president. we don't need any rules or loyalties to this country, it's just a free for all if ur a liberal. let the dumb american people take care of the world and let our own citizens come last. stupid bitch

  6. when people are going to learn that politicians doesn't represents us as a individual and democracy is B U L L S H I T? They do what they do because they want your vote (even when the votes can be easily adulterate).
    Mises pls

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